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Picture of Ted CurranTed Curran is a renaissance geek. Keenly interested in education, technology, communication and digital design, Ted continually experiments with ways to integrate these passions towards the ultimate goal of empowering students and teachers. By day, Ted works as an Instructional Designer for Samuel Merritt University. By night he is collaborating with a team of University of California students, faculty, staff, and administrators to produce the Picture Yourself in College app after his team won the Learning Mode College Ready Hackathon in 2013.

In his free time he produces web design and photography as TrueSchool Creative, consults with education-focused institutions (notably Kochi University in Japan), and writes about education technology here at TedCurran.net. Ted is also a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and pusher of the limits of digital arts and communication. Ted served as a charter high school teacher for over eight years, teaching Advanced Digital Media Arts, English Language Arts, and Social Science– most notably for Envision Schools in San Francisco and Novato. Ted was a story researcher and video editor for Paramount Domestic Television, MCA Records, E! Television, Lifetime Television and others before he had the good sense to leave Hollywood and start doing some good in the world. Ted lives in the city of Oakland with his beautiful wife, dog, birds, and fish– and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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