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Have You Hugged Your App Dev Today?

Foodies make an obsession out of “knowing your farmer” and “knowing where your food comes from”, but shouldn’t the same thing go for the people behind your most beloved apps? One weird habit I’ve gotten into is to actually emailing¬†quick notes of encouragement and suggestions to the developers of my favorite apps. As a result, […]

unmute @ techliminal on Android

Automatically Mute Your Phone at School or Work with IFTTT.com

You know that moment when the room is quiet and everyone is calmly focused on a speaker– and then someone’s annoying ringtone goes off right in the middle, shattering the silence and attracting unwanted attention? Don’t be that doofus. I created a couple of IFTTT recipes to save the sanity of my fellow coworkers at […]


Listen to Course Readings Later with Pocket Text To Speech

If you’re a student or an academic, you probably have a large volume of reading you need to do every week, and there’s only so many hours that you can be hunched over your desk reading. Why not clip your next few readings to Pocket, the read-it-later app for iOS and Android that now features […]


Teachers: Use ChromeCast for Wireless Presentations on Desktop and Mobile

As a teacher and frequent presenter, I always carry a MacBook Pro DVI to VGA adapter in my bag so I can connect to any overhead projector or flat screen wherever I’m speaking. This approach works well, but has several downsides that the amazing $35 Google ChromeCast can improve upon: I can’t easily switch between […]


Create Beautiful Web Graphics with just PowerPoint and Screenshots

You don’t need fancy design skills to make attractive web graphics for your blog or online course. This tutorial will teach you how to create beautiful web graphics using only PowerPoint, images, and screenshots. To be more specific, we are going to find a nice background image on the web, then add text to it […]

Top Android Apps for the Productive Teacher 2013

After reading a few end-of-year wrapups, I realized that I’ve never done a roundup of useful Android apps for productivity and education. This is a list of the very best of the best apps I use on Android to stay productive, connected, and collaborative on the go. Andmade Share Free & Pro This app supercharges […]


Khan Academy – Style Videos? Explore Your Tools and Find Your Own Style

A faculty recently approached me asking how he could produce Khan Academy – style video lessons. He was looking for an Android tablet equivalent to ShowMe, the iPad app that lets you write freehand, record your voice, and post videos online similar to the familiar Khan style.¬†The bad news is that Android does not yet […]

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