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Review: Typora Markdown Editor for Mac

I have been evaluating Typora, a markdown editor for Mac (currently free while in beta). Its killer feature is a distraction-free interface that allows you to type markdown syntax, but quickly hides it in a readable preview so you get more of a WYSIWYG experience. I have been really enjoying this streamlined interface as I […]

creating a web page using emmet.io syntax

Build a Web Page Fast with Emmet.io

I’ve been developing a lot of elearning design in HTML5 recently, and I’ve been rediscovering how much I love working with Emmet.io (formerly known as Zen Coding). It’s a simple syntax that lets you string together shortcuts for HTML elements, and then POOF! expand them into a complete website. It makes coding HTML so fast […]

with a simple keystroke, convert text to a link to the first Google result on that topic.

Make Your Perfect Markdown Editor with Atom Editor Plugins

Up until now I’ve used dedicated Markdown editors like Haroopad and MacDown as a tool where I can focus on writing, while reserving more sophisticated code editors like Coda and Atom for web design projects. My favorite Markdown editors are all young tools in active development, and none of them has every feature I’d ideally […]


My Favorite WordPress Plugins and Themes 2015

I’ve been using self-hosted WordPress for 6 years now, and I’ve experimented with several site plugins to add different features to my sites. This is a short list of the plugins and themes I keep coming back to year after year. Here on Ted Curran.net, the focus is on reading and sharing, while my design […]


How I Stay Up on EdTech Tools

In Response to: Hi teachers, how do you normally find out about new edTech products? Hi all, I’m working on a school project around the edTech purchasing process and am doing research on teachers feel about the whole process. I’m wondering about the whole process from how you first hear about a new edTech product […]


One PowerPoint, Indivisible | Markdown Presentations for Futureproof Flexibility

A response to PowerPoint Remix Rant by Mike Caulfield. Mike laments how the long list of specialized graphical tools in PowerPoint is a recipe for making Open Ed Resources that are next to impossible to reuse, remix, and repurpose to other contexts. Most things work like this, unfortunately, encouraging us to think of our resources […]

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