Get Free eBooks and Support Your Local Library | Overdrive App

Public libraries are an incredibly valuable community resource that sometimes get taken for granted. As we transition from print to digital media formats, libraries have been forced to defend their relevance — both to the community and their funders. The Overdrive app is a way you can support your local library while checking out top quality […]


How I Stay Up on EdTech Tools

In Response to: Hi teachers, how do you normally find out about new edTech products? Hi all, I’m working on a school project around the edTech purchasing process and am doing research on teachers feel about the whole process. I’m wondering about the whole process from how you first hear about a new edTech product […]

Life in Harmony with Learning

Professional Development Needs to Be Part of Life

One of the most frustrating things about Professional Development (for both teachers and trainers) is that it’s difficult to get teachers together, and then the training happens, ends, and there is often too little follow up (on both sides). I think part of the problem with this approach is the way we look at PD […]


Project management with Hojoki: Creating Order from Chaos

  Managing a project where your team has to use several different cloud apps to get work done can be extremely confusing. I discovered this great app called Hojoki that binds all these various tools together into one coherent workspace so you can see everything getting done. It solves the problem of everyone going off […]


How do you stay current in your field?

Often, teachers approach me asking if they should be on Twitter. I use it and G+ to find and follow people who can teach me new things. As opposed to Facebook where I stay connected to my personal friends, Twitter and G+ are places to group around shared interests. Let’s turn the question on its […]


Community Managers in Online Education

My previous post on using MOOC technology to Support Educators to Support Students generated quite a bit of interest, and I realized there was more to be said on the topic of using Community Managers in online education.  That post analyzes what MOOC providers like Udacity and Coursera are doing well, while pointing out their glaring […]


Social Collaboration on Campus: What’s the Ideal Scenario?

We all take it for granted that when you join up with a university, they give you a shiny new email address with a .edu address to help you communicate with the other students, faculty, and staff. This one shared communication network unites a university, making it possible to reach anyone instantly. As our options […]

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