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Java-based Edtech Tools Pose Security Risk

I was just discussing free screencasting tools with some fellow Instructional Designers, and realizing how many of the most commonly-used apps like Screencast-O-Matic are based on Java technology. Java’s recent plague of security breaches has earned it the title of  the biggest vulnerability for US computers, and yet, I haven’t heard much discussion in edtech […]

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Good MF’ing Online Learning

  Every so often, I go visit this website for inspiration: It starts with the text This is a motherfucking website. And it’s fucking perfect. Seriously, what the fuck else do you want? It goes on to remind us that websites do not need to have all the eye candy and interactivity that we’re […]

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Murphy’s Mantras for LMS Evaluation

Comment on What’s Really to Blame for the Failures of Our Learning-Management Systems by Michael Feldstein. This post does a great job of summarizing the absurd challenges surrounding the LMS procurement process. It explains (without casting blame) why so many LMSes have such a similar set of features (at least when viewed as a bulleted list), […]