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Action-Oriented eLearning with the Humble WebQuest

One challenge about creating reusable eLearning content is that designers often fall back into the banking model of education, creating a passive and dependent learning experience for students. This often looks like packaged PowerPoints or blocks of text readings that students are expected to click through


How Open Badges Can Promote Student Motivation

When we ask “why offer Mozilla Open Badges in education?”, the answer often comes back “to motivate students”. When we ask “how exactly does that work?” — well, uh, it seems people have differing ideas. I think that many people take it as an article of


MakerSpaces in Education | Horizon Report 2014

One of the emerging trends from the 2014 NMC Horizon Report is the growing prevalence of MakerSpaces in education. MakerSpaces (also called HackerSpaces) are places where people gather to build projects, collaborate, and incubate ideas. The best way to think of them is like “Industrial Arts class”


Managing Project-Based Learning in Trello: A Case Study

This is a reflection on the process for using Trello in Project-Based Learning that will hopefully help you decide if Trello is right for your projects. I have written before how much I like using Trello for personal task management and for organizing small work groups–


10 Reasons I’m Committed to Android in Education

I may be a zealot proponent for open source software, but I don’t think that clouds my judgement when I say that Android is a great platform for education. Whether you’re using it for simple reading, writing, and multimedia or digging into the more advanced

MOOCs Can Save Students, Not Just Dollars

Response to The Trouble with Online College, NY Times I think this article is right on the money about the challenges of online learning– namely that most students wash out and that there is not enough support for struggling learners. I’d like to propose some