Some Love for the Mozilla Web Literacy Standards

I wanted to drop in a quick plug for familiarizing ourselves with the Mozilla Web Literacy Standards and 21st Century Skills. Though edtechies have lots of great tools that are focused on education, it’s also good to have a more fundamental understanding of basic web skills. These are skills and abilities that all web citizens — students and […]

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Rapid Prototyping Magic with Alfred Workflows

I attended my second hackathon this weekend, and my teammates were noticing all my keystroke magic tricks that help me quickly prototype professional-looking app mockups with remarkable speed. A teammate asked me what my secrets are, and so I decided to share it as a post. My keystroke magic is all built around AlfredApp, the […]

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Towards a High-Touch Competency Based Education Model

“At this time in our history, the most valuable institutions will be those that generate real learning from average or disadvantaged students, not those that generate learning from those students for whom learning is, frankly, easy.” USDoE, 2012 My goal for this article is to develop a blueprint for a “high-touch” Competency Based Education model […]


Modular Learning Platforms for CBE

In response to 2U Learning Platform Update: Removal of Moodle, addition of accessibility options This article confirms what I suspected about 2U — that really the secret sauce in that solution is good quality instructional design. When I started learning about how they were using Moodle, it really looked to me like a robust Adobe […]


How I Stay Up on EdTech Tools

In Response to: Hi teachers, how do you normally find out about new edTech products? Hi all, I’m working on a school project around the edTech purchasing process and am doing research on teachers feel about the whole process. I’m wondering about the whole process from how you first hear about a new edTech product […]


Reflection: 6 Objections to Technology in Higher Ed

This is a reflection on Joshua Kim’s article, 6 Objections to Technology in Higher Ed. I’m going to address each of the major points, but for more context, please refer to the original article. Objection #1 – Money Spent On Campus Technology Is Money Not Available to Spend Elsewhere: Price growth (tuition) has outstripped wage growth (and everything […]

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