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Rapid Prototyping Magic with Alfred Workflows

I attended my second hackathon this weekend, and my teammates were noticing all my keystroke magic tricks that help me quickly prototype professional-looking app mockups with remarkable speed. A teammate asked me what my secrets are, and so I decided to share it as a post. My keystroke magic is all built around AlfredApp, the […]


Researching the Blockchain in EdTech

The Blockchain in Education: Research Questions Audrey Watters recently posted a great set of research questions for thinking through the ways blockchain technology might potentially interact with edtech. I have been keenly watching blockchain technology for a few years now, especially interested in how it could be used to certify student learning, similar to the […]


Could Gigabit Internet Lead to a More Decentralized Web?

The hosts of DTNS discuss Patrick’s newfound embarrassment of riches after moving to Finland, where he gets more home broadband bandwidth than he can use. What to do with it all? I have some ideas — Their discussion made me wonder if we have gotten too used to consumerized home broadband — by getting our internet from […]

Quiz feedback can serve as a study guide, promoting review

PROsocial Deconstructivism –

In reading Michael Feldstein’s article on AntiSocial Deconstructivism, I found myself agreeing with some parts of some of the points he was intending to mock. I want to put forth a modified version — let’s call it ProSocial Deconstructivism. Just creating a statement like the one below draws a subtle line in the sand that […]

Teacher Toolbox: Run On Sentences in Alfred App

Make a teaching toolbox for better, faster student feedback

Building upon How to Give Your Students Better Feedback in Less Time This article above (you should read it — I’ll wait) encourages teachers to develop a “Teaching Toolbox” — essentially, a text document containing good, detailed feedback that you can quickly and easily paste into student work while you’re grading. The big objective is […]

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