Some Love for the Mozilla Web Literacy Standards

I wanted to drop in a quick plug for familiarizing ourselves with the Mozilla Web Literacy Standards and 21st Century Skills. Though edtechies have lots of great tools that are focused on education, it’s also good to have a more fundamental understanding of basic web skills. These are skills and abilities that all web citizens — students and […]


Could Gigabit Internet Lead to a More Decentralized Web?

The hosts of DTNS discuss Patrick’s newfound embarrassment of riches after moving to Finland, where he gets more home broadband bandwidth than he can use. What to do with it all? I have some ideas — Their discussion made me wonder if we have gotten too used to consumerized home broadband — by getting our internet from […]


How I Stay Up on EdTech Tools

In Response to: Hi teachers, how do you normally find out about new edTech products? Hi all, I’m working on a school project around the edTech purchasing process and am doing research on teachers feel about the whole process. I’m wondering about the whole process from how you first hear about a new edTech product […]


One PowerPoint, Indivisible | Markdown Presentations for Futureproof Flexibility

A response to PowerPoint Remix Rant by Mike Caulfield. Mike laments how the long list of specialized graphical tools in PowerPoint is a recipe for making Open Ed Resources that are next to impossible to reuse, remix, and repurpose to other contexts. Most things work like this, unfortunately, encouraging us to think of our resources […]

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Free Open Source User Feedback with AllOurIdeas

I have been researching open source user feedback tools, and I stumbled upon a very nice app called The app takes a novel approach to user feedback, allowing your audience to choose between two suggested answers that you “pre-seed” into the survey. This is great if you have already identified a few possible courses […]


When BitTorrent Sync is the Right EdTech Tool

You can think of BitTorrent Sync as “Dropbox without the Cloud”. Not to be confused with the underlying technology of BitTorrent, this is a way of keeping a folder and files sync’d across multiple computers, but unlike Dropbox, your files are never stored on a remote cloud server. Instead, files are shared directly between the […]

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