Web 2.0

Why Use a Big Tool when Small Ones Will Do? Marrying the LMS with Web 2.0 Tools

I came across this quoted text when reading the manual for Handbrake, a great open source DVD transcoding tool, and realized how relevant the wisdom continues to be… There’s this ​old geek proverb: The Law of Software Development and Envelopment at MIT: Every program in development at MIT expands until it can read mail. It also goes by the name… Read more →

Was Google Reader Sacrificed to Preserve the Value of News Content?

I have a speculative explanation for the death of Google Reader. I remember in 2010 when Eric Schmidt was having high-level talks with news outlets, trying to help them envision a new model to maintain the value of their content. Schmidt even penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, describing the year 2015, when people would be paying a subscription fee… Read more →

An Open Letter to the US Copyright Office in Defense of Jailbreaking

Dear Copyright Office—   I would like to register my support for the practice of jailbreaking of smartphones, tablets, and game systems on the principle that these devices are fully-functional computers and should not have their functionality crippled to promote monopolistic business practices by their manufacturers. I believe that “jailbreaking”– or “freeing personal electronics to function properly as the computers… Read more →