A Teacher’s Guide to Equal Access in the Age of BYOD, Web 2.0, and Mobile Computing

Classroom Responses Systems (AKA “clickers”) offer teachers and students a way to make classroom lectures more interactive and engaging than lectures alone. Eric Mazur, Derek Bruff and others have pioneered ways to use classroom response clickers to promote Higher Order Thinking Skills and inquiry-based education within the standard lecture format. Since the introduction of these […]

Bloom’s Thinking Skills ≠ Apps

I’ve been researching Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy of Cognitive Tasks, and I’ve been seeing a number of guides attempt to match iPad apps with each level in Bloom’s hierarchy. These app guides seem built on a false assumption that using a certain app will reliably stimulate a certain mode of thinking. I think equating apps with […]

Letter to a budding Instructional Designer: Getting Started Designing in Instructure’s Canvas LMS

I was recently asked to email a friend-of-a-friend, a librarian who was asked to do some Instructional Design in Canvas LMS. I’m reprinting my response in case it can benefit any other education/information professionals who are just getting started designing courses in an online setting. Welcome to the world of Instructional Design! Don’t feel bad […]