Robo-Grading Essays with EdX Discern: A Middle Path with Our New Robot Overlords

Recently MOOC provider EdX unveiled Discern, a tool for automatically grading written student work like essays and short answer questions. The NY Times article aptly captures the resulting hullabaloo from all sides as people envision a world where robots grade students’ papers. Proponents of robo-grading point to the prompt feedback and scalability that it brings […]


Saving Universities in the Era of MOOCs: How Service-Oriented Schools can Add Value in the Online Learning Boom

This past year has brought a massive amount of attention to Massive Open Online Courses, and much speculation about what they mean for traditional institutions of learning. The education and technology blogosphere have been breathlessly predicting the end of the world for traditional, brick-and-mortar universities and colleges as elite institutions like MIT, Stanford, Harvard and […]