Self-Paced Learning and the Psychic Load of Teaching

As we look at traditional education and try and explain how it got this way, one topic is so taboo that it rarely gets discussed. as much as we love and value our students, they can be a little hard to take at times. Students, God love ‘em, are chaotic tornadoes of firing synapses, insecurities, […]

Life in Harmony with Learning

Professional Development Needs to Be Part of Life

One of the most frustrating things about Professional Development (for both teachers and trainers) is that it’s difficult to get teachers together, and then the training happens, ends, and there is often too little follow up (on both sides). I think part of the problem with this approach is the way we look at PD […]

A Teacher’s Guide to Equal Access in the Age of BYOD, Web 2.0, and Mobile Computing

Classroom Responses Systems (AKA “clickers”) offer teachers and students a way to make classroom lectures more interactive and engaging than lectures alone. Eric Mazur, Derek Bruff and others have pioneered ways to use classroom response clickers to promote Higher Order Thinking Skills and inquiry-based education within the standard lecture format. Since the introduction of these […]

Reflections on Flipped Classroom after #CUEFlipTour

I just attended the Flipped Classroom conference yesterday and it gave me a chance to think carefully about how we might approach flipping instruction at SMU. Most of the attendees were K-12 teachers using free tools to flip their own classroom, so it’s a different proposition to try and recommend a set of tools and […]

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