Social Collaboration on Campus: What’s the Ideal Scenario?

We all take it for granted that when you join up with a university, they give you a shiny new email address with a .edu address to help you communicate with the other students, faculty, and staff. This one shared communication network unites a university, making it possible to reach anyone instantly. As our options […]

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“Own the Means of Production”: What Karl Marx Knew about Opportunity in the Digital Economy

Even though the Internet is often credited for bringing about a “New Economy”, in fact many longstanding economic trends continue to play themselves out between the “haves” and the “have nots” when it comes to internet technology and media control. The cloud has made it possible for people to outsource control over our data, our […]

With new EdTech, Ask Yourself: “What Problem am I Trying to Solve”?

It’s no secret that people have a hard time critically evaluating technology. Our tiny mammalian brains are powerless to resist the charms of a thin, sleek, colorful bauble that promises to revolutionize the way we teach and learn. Whether it’s iPads, eBooks, LMSes, Twitter, or Khan Academy, we edtechies have a tendency to hop on […]


Reflection on Losing a Laptop– Security, Syncing, and Lessons Learned

This week I had a taste of fear and regret when I thought I left my laptop on the bus. I spent a whole work day freaking out, trying to secure my sensitive data and recover my valuable files. I am writing a reflection on those terrible hours to share what a godsend cloud services […]

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