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Java-based Edtech Tools Pose Security Risk

I was just discussing free screencasting tools with some fellow Instructional Designers, and realizing how many of the most commonly-used apps like Screencast-O-Matic are based on Java technology. Java’s recent plague of security breaches has earned it the title of  the biggest vulnerability for US computers, and yet, I haven’t heard much discussion in edtech […]

"You got 'A' on blood test? Why not A+?!"

Proficiency vs. Mastery: Recognizing Growth and Excellence in CBE

In response to Kaplan University Begins Offering Personalized Competency Reports to More than 40,000 Students Kaplan University’s Personalized Competency Reports It’s great to see Kaplan’s Competency Report, though it’s a bit less granular than I was expecting. I’ve seen at other institutions where they have a small set of high-level institutional competencies like these, and […]