Black Menu for Chrome

Black Menu for Chrome: All Your Google Tools At Your Fingertips

This week I discovered Black Menu for Chrome, an extension that lets you access any of your Google tools from a dropdown in the browser. You can invoke it with a keystroke and quickly navigate to the tool you need. I’m finding this is a huge improvement over my regular habit of having several Google […]

unmute @ techliminal on Android

Automatically Mute Your Phone at School or Work with

You know that moment when the room is quiet and everyone is calmly focused on a speaker– and then someone’s annoying ringtone goes off right in the middle, shattering the silence and attracting unwanted attention? Don’t be that doofus. I created a couple of IFTTT recipes to save the sanity of my fellow coworkers at […]


Project management with Hojoki: Creating Order from Chaos

  Managing a project where your team has to use several different cloud apps to get work done can be extremely confusing. I discovered this great app called Hojoki that binds all these various tools together into one coherent workspace so you can see everything getting done. It solves the problem of everyone going off […]

With Project Management App Trello, It’s All in the Cards

Trello is a to-do list manager and project management webapp that’s based on the metaphor of index cards pinned to a board. The cards each flip over, giving you a workspace where you can discuss the task, create smaller checklists, assign responsibility, or add other notes. To change the status of a task, move it […]

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