Privacy Badger in Action

Privacy Badger and Ghostery – Block Web Spying from Your Browser

You may know that most websites collect some data about your browsing habits when you visit the site. Some of these cookies are pretty benign, giving the site owners basic statistics they can use to customize content. I use WordPress JetPack and Google Analytics on so I can understand more about what my readers […]

Various social media sites pointing to my media all hosted on my own domain name

POSSE: Why Your Blog Should Be the Center of Your Digital Life

The Social Media Status Quo is Broken Most people and businesses maintain several social media profiles, flitting from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram and beyond to keep up with all our different circles of friends. We use all different smartphone apps because each little tool does one thing better than the others. As a result, we scatter our […]


Does Your EdTech Fit You Like an Iron Man Suit?

One of the thrilling features of the Iron Man movies is the idea that Tony Stark can step into a mechanized robot suit and control it as if he were just moving his body naturally. The suit is expertly designed to understand his movements in real time and seamlessly amplify them to give him superhuman powers. The […]

Jobs: 'I don't want to make Android users happy'

Choose Multi-Platform Apps for Inclusive Collaboration

JR Raphael of Computer world just published an excellent slideshow featuring 20 great productivity apps for Android, iOS, and the Web. Unsurprisingly, it reads like a list of Ted’s favorite go-to app recommendations for teachers, students, and web collaborators. Here’s why: Use Tools that Include Everyone When you’re preparing to work with a random assortment […]

Black Menu for Chrome

Black Menu for Chrome: All Your Google Tools At Your Fingertips

This week I discovered Black Menu for Chrome, an extension that lets you access any of your Google tools from a dropdown in the browser. You can invoke it with a keystroke and quickly navigate to the tool you need. I’m finding this is a huge improvement over my regular habit of having several Google […]


Teachers: Use ChromeCast for Wireless Presentations on Desktop and Mobile

As a teacher and frequent presenter, I always carry a MacBook Pro DVI to VGA adapter in my bag so I can connect to any overhead projector or flat screen wherever I’m speaking. This approach works well, but has several downsides that the amazing $35 Google ChromeCast can improve upon: I can’t easily switch between […]


SMS, IM, OMG?!? Private Messaging Apps and Your Circle of Friends

Sending short text messages is one of the most popular ways to communicate with friends from your mobile device. It’s great because you don’t need a smartphone, a special app, or to all be using the same service — it works from any mobile device. It’s just a private, one-on-one conversation between you and a […]

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