Self-Paced Learning and the Psychic Load of Teaching

As we look at traditional education and try and explain how it got this way, one topic is so taboo that it rarely gets discussed. as much as we love and value our students, they can be a little hard to take at times. Students, God love ‘em, are chaotic tornadoes of firing synapses, insecurities, […]

Picture Yourself: A Mobile App for College Readiness

Update: Just had an amazing pitch meeting with the University of California’s Office of the President, and they agreed to move my mobile app Picture Yourself in College into production! Details are sketchy at this point, but the app may be used to reach out to underserved middle- and high school students throughout California to encourage […]

“The Golden Apple”: Showing Students that Their Learning Matters

(This post is part of a series called “The Connected Class Community”). The Golden Apple is the most cryptic and strange of all of these ingredients. Not surprisingly, it’s also difficult to explain. I think the idea will make sense after a couple stories… The Golden Apple is an object or symbol that reminds the […]

“Free” Points for Free Work? Incentivizing Students Giving and Receiving Help in an Online FAQ

Image via Wikipedia Did you know you can save time and effort by starting a Frequently Asked Questions Discussion Board in your course? Do you get tired of answering the same student questions over and over? Save time and effort by starting a Frequent Asked Questions forum in your course! It is a public way […]

Podcast an Audiobook to Reach Struggling Readers

Image via Wikipedia Even in the upper grades, students are struggling to make the transition from “learning-to-read” to “reading-to-learn”. Give a struggling reader a context-reduced novel written in old, antiquated language and you will realize that students need as much life-like context as we can provide. One way to help students access texts is to […]

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