pingendo visual website editor

Site Builder Pingendo Lets You Build with Bootstrap Visually

Pingendo is a free, visual page builder site, letting you use Twitter Bootstrap design elements to build professional-looking pages. You construct a page using prebuilt sections and elements in the visual editor, then replacing the placeholder text and images with your own work. You can preview your site as it’ll appear on a phone, tablet, […]

Mozilla Popcorn Maker editing window

Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker for Enhanced Video eLearning in HTML5

Mozilla Popcorn Maker is a free tool for triggering rich web content to pop up as a web video plays. You can import a YouTube video, then add your own annotations, links, quizzes, maps, questions, and further reading, triggered to appear at key points in the video timeline. These enhanced video presentations can be embedded […]

Badges?!? Do We Need Any Stinking Badges?!??

This post was originally written as a response to Kyle M. Jones’ posting on entitled “Digital Learning and Badges“ in which he calls for greater discussion around using “badges” to certify student learning online. Here is my response: Everything I’ve heard is that badges are designed to take the place of the diploma– but […]

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