Quiz feedback can serve as a study guide, promoting review

PROsocial Deconstructivism –

In reading Michael Feldstein’s article on AntiSocial Deconstructivism, I found myself agreeing with some parts of some of the points he was intending to mock. I want to put forth a modified version — let’s call it ProSocial Deconstructivism. Just creating a statement like the one below draws a subtle line in the sand that […]

Reveal.js Presentations

HTML5 Presentations from Markdown to Reveal.js

  This video shows you how you can quickly convert a Markdown formatted presentation outline into an HTML5 presentation using Reveal.js. I think this method is a great way to familiarize yourself with web technologies while producing attractive and powerful presentations that work great on desktop and mobile devices. You can learn how to write Markdown […]


Does Your EdTech Fit You Like an Iron Man Suit?

One of the thrilling features of the Iron Man movies is the idea that Tony Stark can step into a mechanized robot suit and control it as if he were just moving his body naturally. The suit is expertly designed to understand his movements in real time and seamlessly amplify them to give him superhuman powers. The […]

The many hats of the Traditional Teacher

The Changing Role of Faculty: From Traditional Ed to Competency Based Education

The role of the instructor has become ever more complex in the last century as technology, pedagogy, and student expectations have advanced with the times. Today’s teacher is expected to not only be a Subject Matter Expert, but to serve as their own Instructional Designer, provide high-touch student Mentoring, and analyze learning data like a […]


Teachers: Use ChromeCast for Wireless Presentations on Desktop and Mobile

As a teacher and frequent presenter, I always carry a MacBook Pro DVI to VGA adapter in my bag so I can connect to any overhead projector or flat screen wherever I’m speaking. This approach works well, but has several downsides that the amazing $35 Google ChromeCast can improve upon: I can’t easily switch between […]


Teacher as Curator: Capture and Organize Learning Materials with Web 2.0 Tools

In the 21st Century world of abundant free educational content, teachers are challenged to shed the role of “content area expert” and adopt the role of “content curator”. Part of the shifting role of teachers from “sage on the stage” to “guide on the side” means spending less time lecturing at students and more time […]

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