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10 Reasons I’m Committed to Android in Education

I may be a zealot proponent for open source software, but I don’t think that clouds my judgement when I say that Android is a great platform for education. Whether you’re using it for simple reading, writing, and multimedia or digging into the more advanced

Bloom’s Thinking Skills ≠ Apps

I’ve been researching Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy of Cognitive Tasks, and I’ve been seeing a number of guides attempt to match iPad apps with each level in Bloom’s hierarchy. These app guides seem built on a false assumption that using a certain app will reliably stimulate

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The ‘Angry Birds’ Guide to Online Lesson Design

(This post is part of a series called “The Connected Class Community”). A popular reason for exploring gamification in online learning is because we want to increase student engagement with the content. Games are nothing if not engaging, and the very best games can give