Jobs: 'I don't want to make Android users happy'

Choose Multi-Platform Apps for Inclusive Collaboration

JR Raphael of Computer world just published an excellent slideshow featuring 20 great productivity apps for Android, iOS, and the Web. Unsurprisingly, it reads like a list of Ted’s favorite go-to app recommendations for teachers, students, and web collaborators. Here’s why: Use Tools that Include Everyone When you’re preparing to work with a random assortment […]


Digital Native Students are More Consumers than Creators

OK, friends– it’s time to get over it. You might call young people “digital native students” but there are severe limits to their ability to turn that geekdom into real learning. The persistent myth of modern digital native students connotes for many that millennial students have a natural fluency with digital tools that previous generations did […]


Don’t Hate the LMS, It Can Help Keep Our Focus on Learning

I’ve been noticing an interesting thread in online conversations recently, with people I respect either bashing or defending the LMS. Audrey Watters’ Beyond the LMS seems to suggest they’re a sinister tool of imperial control, Jim Groom and Brian Lamb offer five arguments against the LMS, and Jeremy B Williams’ post implies that LMSes are somehow keeping […]


WebRTC: A New Standard for Free, Open Video Chat, File Sharing, and More In the Browser

Everybody loves video chatting with friends, sharing files, instant messaging, and web surfing together. In education, it seems like we always need newer and better tools for working together collaboratively on the web in real time to make learning more immediate and dynamic. A new free web technology called Web Real Time Communications, or WebRTC, […]


Khan Academy – Style Videos? Explore Your Tools and Find Your Own Style

A faculty recently approached me asking how he could produce Khan Academy – style video lessons. He was looking for an Android tablet equivalent to ShowMe, the iPad app that lets you write freehand, record your voice, and post videos online similar to the familiar Khan style. The bad news is that Android does not yet […]


“It’s the Poverty, Stupid”: Why Ed Reform and Social Reform Need Each Other

In response to Anya Kamenetz‘ post, Let them Eat iPads?   Thanks for posing the issue this way. I was a charter school teacher for years, teaching in different communities in California with vastly different socioeconomic realities. I’ve seen that poverty brings several issues that make it hard for students to be truly competitive in […]


10 Reasons I’m Committed to Android in Education

I may be a zealot proponent for open source software, but I don’t think that clouds my judgement when I say that Android is a great platform for education. Whether you’re using it for simple reading, writing, and multimedia or digging into the more advanced features, Android balances user friendly design, powerful features, and more […]

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