Listen to Course Readings Later with Pocket Text To Speech

If you’re a student or an academic, you probably have a large volume of reading you need to do every week, and there’s only so many hours that you can be hunched over your desk reading. Why not clip your next few readings to Pocket, the read-it-later app for iOS and Android that now features […]


The Web Ahead: An Excellent Podcast on the Future of the Web

5by5 | The Web Ahead. I have recently discovered The Web Ahead and have been very impressed by the caliber of the guests speakers and the skill with which host Jen Simmons clarifies and humanizes the issues around web technology. It’s definitely aimed at working web design professionals but is discussed in terms that even […]

Downloading YouTube: The Definitive Guide for Teachers

Picture this: You stayed up all last night preparing an amazing lecture, complete with the perfect YouTube video to illustrate the concept for your students. Class begins, all the students arrive and listen in rapt attention to your opening remarks. ¬†As you open your browser to play the video… NOTHING. Your internet connection is out, […]

Podcast an Audiobook to Reach Struggling Readers

Image via Wikipedia Even in the upper grades, students are struggling to make the transition from “learning-to-read” to “reading-to-learn”. Give a struggling reader a context-reduced novel written in old, antiquated language and you will realize that students need as much life-like context as we can provide. One way to help students access texts is to […]

Broke free of my iPhone/AT&T Bondage!: Road Test for the Palm Pre on Sprint

Image by zoovroo via Flickr Since its debut in 2007, I’ve been a fanatical iPhone jailbreaker and general enthusiast of the device. As more and more iPhones have begun bogging down the 3G network in the Bay Area, Apple/AT&T seem to be taking their customers for granted (charging ever more for data, texts, and increasingly […]

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