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Rapid Prototyping Magic with Alfred Workflows

I attended my second hackathon this weekend, and my teammates were noticing all my keystroke magic tricks that help me quickly prototype professional-looking app mockups with remarkable speed. A teammate asked me what my secrets are, and so I decided to share it as a post. My keystroke magic is all built around AlfredApp, the […]

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Review: Typora Markdown Editor for Mac

I have been evaluating Typora, a markdown editor for Mac (currently free while in beta). Its killer feature is a distraction-free interface that allows you to type markdown syntax, but quickly hides it in a readable preview so you get more of a WYSIWYG experience. I have been really enjoying this streamlined interface as I […]


Know Your Files — Show Your File Extensions on Mac OS X

Apple products like to hide the ugly inner workings of the computer from you — that “magic” feeling you get from a Mac or an iPhone is enhanced by the fact that you can’t see how it works! In recent versions of Mac OS X, they started hiding file extensions (like .mp3, .jpeg, or .docx) […]


Reflection on Losing a Laptop– Security, Syncing, and Lessons Learned

This week I had a taste of fear and regret when I thought I left my laptop on the bus. I spent a whole work day freaking out, trying to secure my sensitive data and recover my valuable files. I am writing a reflection on those terrible hours to share what a godsend cloud services […]

“Can’t Live Without” Apps– Mac & Windows Apps I Install Immediately Upon Getting a New Computer

This week at work, they replaced my ailing but valiant Dell XP laptop with a new HP Windows7 notebook for work, and then surprised me with a dual-booting iMac desktop for me to aggressively customize and evaluate the next wave of standard applications we might adopt across campus. In other words, I’ve had to start […]

Chrome OS Netbooks: Can Your School Live in the Cloud?

If you haven’t heard of Chrome OS, it’s Google’s attempt to do away with the desktop altogether and have everything that happens on your computer happen inside the browser. This means that instead of opening Outlook for your email, you go to Gmail or Hotmail on the web. Instead of opening Photoshop to resize that […]

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