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Expanding and Owning my Content at

  I’m very interested in how open source publishing tools like WordPress can empower individuals to own their data, understand and learn from their tools, and protect against the strange encroachments of privacy and power that commercial cloud services can impose on our digital lives.


10 Reasons I’m Committed to Android in Education

I may be a zealot proponent for open source software, but I don’t think that clouds my judgement when I say that Android is a great platform for education. Whether you’re using it for simple reading, writing, and multimedia or digging into the more advanced

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Downloading YouTube: The Definitive Guide for Teachers

Picture this: You stayed up all last night preparing an amazing lecture, complete with the perfect YouTube video to illustrate the concept for your students. Class begins, all the students arrive and listen in rapt attention to your opening remarks.  As you open your browser