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Free Open Source User Feedback with AllOurIdeas

I have been researching open source user feedback tools, and I stumbled upon a very nice app called The app takes a novel approach to user feedback, allowing your audience to choose between two suggested answers that you “pre-seed” into the survey. This is great if you have already identified a few possible courses […]


When BitTorrent Sync is the Right EdTech Tool

You can think of BitTorrent Sync as “Dropbox without the Cloud”. Not to be confused with the underlying technology of BitTorrent, this is a way of keeping a folder and files sync’d across multiple computers, but unlike Dropbox, your files are never stored on a remote cloud server. Instead, files are shared directly between the […]

Reveal.js Presentations

HTML5 Presentations from Markdown to Reveal.js

  This video shows you how you can quickly convert a Markdown formatted presentation outline into an HTML5 presentation using Reveal.js. I think this method is a great way to familiarize yourself with web technologies while producing attractive and powerful presentations that work great on desktop and mobile devices. You can learn how to write Markdown […]

Various social media sites pointing to my media all hosted on my own domain name

POSSE: Why Your Blog Should Be the Center of Your Digital Life

The Social Media Status Quo is Broken Most people and businesses maintain several social media profiles, flitting from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram and beyond to keep up with all our different circles of friends. We use all different smartphone apps because each little tool does one thing better than the others. As a result, we scatter our […]


Does Your EdTech Fit You Like an Iron Man Suit?

One of the thrilling features of the Iron Man movies is the idea that Tony Stark can step into a mechanized robot suit and control it as if he were just moving his body naturally. The suit is expertly designed to understand his movements in real time and seamlessly amplify them to give him superhuman powers. The […]

Mozilla Popcorn Maker editing window

Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker for Enhanced Video eLearning in HTML5

Mozilla Popcorn Maker is a free tool for triggering rich web content to pop up as a web video plays. You can import a YouTube video, then add your own annotations, links, quizzes, maps, questions, and further reading, triggered to appear at key points in the video timeline. These enhanced video presentations can be embedded […]


Live Motion GIF Screencasts: With a name like LICEcap, It Has to Be Good

  If you make a lot of screencasts, tutorials, or documentation, you probably keep a keen eye out for any tool that can make your documentation better. Sometimes when a picture isn’t enough but a video is too much, you can take an animated GIF recording of your screen. Let me introduce you to LICEcap, […]

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