When BitTorrent Sync is the Right EdTech Tool

You can think of BitTorrent Sync as “Dropbox without the Cloud”. Not to be confused with the underlying technology of BitTorrent, this is a way of keeping a folder and files sync’d across multiple computers, but unlike Dropbox, your files are never stored on a remote cloud server. Instead, files are shared directly between the […]


Managing Project-Based Learning in Trello: A Case Study

This is a reflection on the process for using Trello in Project-Based Learning that will hopefully help you decide if Trello is right for your projects. I have written before how much I like using Trello for personal task management and for organizing small work groups– it’s been my personal to-do list manager for over a […]

With Project Management App Trello, It’s All in the Cards

Trello is a to-do list manager and project management webapp that’s based on the metaphor of index cards pinned to a board. The cards each flip over, giving you a workspace where you can discuss the task, create smaller checklists, assign responsibility, or add other notes. To change the status of a task, move it […]

Who Needs Gamification?! Student-Centered Lesson Design Using Just Your LMS

2011 brought us the buzzword craze of “gamification” in education, or the quest to make learning online more like a video game. Inspired by FourSquare‘s achievement badges as a way of motivating users to check in to location-based services and Mozilla’s promise of outcomes-based badges in lieu of diplomas, we ed-techies went a little nuts […] a Project-Based ToDo List App for Project-Based Learning #PBL

One of the great strengths of Project-Based Learning (PBL) is that students learn the skills they need to successfully see a job through all the way to completion. They learn to break large tasks into smaller ones, prioritize and sequence those tasks into manageable chunks that can be executed in one sitting. They also learn […]

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