Open Source Video Subtitles for Accessibility with Amara.org

    Amara, formerly Universal Subtitles (which I thought was a better name) is an open source tool to let your audience contribute subtitles to your videos, wiki-style. You post your video to a service like YouTube or Vimeo, give Amara the URL, and it gives you a “wrapper” to put around the video that […]

With Project Management App Trello, It’s All in the Cards

Trello is a to-do list manager and project management webapp that’s based on the metaphor of index cards pinned to a board. The cards each flip over, giving you a workspace where you can discuss the task, create smaller checklists, assign responsibility, or add other notes. To change the status of a task, move it […]

Opera Unite: A Web/Chat/FileSharing/etc. server IN YOUR BROWSER!

Image by Glztt via Flickr Opera Unite is an amazing service that allows you to run a web server right out of your own browser! What does that mean? It means that you can share photos, music, and files without uploading them to some external service. You can even set up a private chat room […]

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