Disrupting Education: Cost or Quality?

In response to When Uber and Airbnb Meet the Real World. A friend got me thinking about how Uber and AirBnB insinuate themselves into an existing “meatspace” industry, only to undo worker protections and government regulations in that industry. This got me thinking about the ambiguity many of us feel as education warily tiptoes towards automating some (all?) of […]


Digital Native Students are More Consumers than Creators

OK, friends– it’s time to get over it. You might call young people “digital native students” but there are severe limits to their ability to turn that geekdom into real learning. The persistent myth of modern digital native students connotes for many that millennial students have a natural fluency with digital tools that previous generations did […]


The Web Ahead: An Excellent Podcast on the Future of the Web

5by5 | The Web Ahead. I have recently discovered The Web Ahead and have been very impressed by the caliber of the guests speakers and the skill with which host Jen Simmons clarifies and humanizes the issues around web technology. It’s definitely aimed at working web design professionals but is discussed in terms that even […]


“It’s the Poverty, Stupid”: Why Ed Reform and Social Reform Need Each Other

In response to Anya Kamenetz‘ post, Let them Eat iPads?   Thanks for posing the issue this way. I was a charter school teacher for years, teaching in different communities in California with vastly different socioeconomic realities. I’ve seen that poverty brings several issues that make it hard for students to be truly competitive in […]

Picture Yourself: A Mobile App for College Readiness

Update: Just had an amazing pitch meeting with the University of California’s Office of the President, and they agreed to move my mobile app Picture Yourself in College into production! Details are sketchy at this point, but the app may be used to reach out to underserved middle- and high school students throughout California to encourage […]

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