Some Love for the Mozilla Web Literacy Standards

I wanted to drop in a quick plug for familiarizing ourselves with the Mozilla Web Literacy Standards and 21st Century Skills. Though edtechies have lots of great tools that are focused on education, it’s also good to have a more fundamental understanding of basic web skills. These are skills and abilities that all web citizens — students and […]

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Planning a High School Digital Storytelling Class

A friend is moving to Korea to start teaching a digital storytelling class to high school age students. He asked for some thoughts to get started, and I thought these notes might benefit other teachers of digital storytelling. Please feel free to add your ideas, questions, and suggestions for my friend in the comments section […]

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Make Your Perfect Markdown Editor with Atom Editor Plugins

Up until now I’ve used dedicated Markdown editors like Haroopad and MacDown as a tool where I can focus on writing, while reserving more sophisticated code editors like Coda and Atom for web design projects. My favorite Markdown editors are all young tools in active development, and none of them has every feature I’d ideally […]

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Switch from Teaching Word Processing to Teaching Web Processing

If you’re like me, one of the first computer skills you were taught in school (in the early 1990s) is how to use a word processor. We all mastered the art of formatting words for the printed page because we were still using computers in a paper-based world. As more business and education activities moved […]

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