RCA Indian Head TV Test Pattern

Against Dead Air in Education(al Multimedia)

In my first career, I was an AVID video editor and worked in Hollywood editing television shows for Paramount TV, MTV, E Entertainment, Lifetime, and others. A lot of the job of a video editor is to watch raw footage of people talking and doing things, cutting out the boring bits, leaving only the most […]

Various social media sites pointing to my media all hosted on my own domain name

POSSE: Why Your Blog Should Be the Center of Your Digital Life

The Social Media Status Quo is Broken Most people and businesses maintain several social media profiles, flitting from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram and beyond to keep up with all our different circles of friends. We use all different smartphone apps because each little tool does one thing better than the others. As a result, we scatter our […]


Digital Native Students are More Consumers than Creators

OK, friends– it’s time to get over it. You might call young people “digital native students” but there are severe limits to their ability to turn that geekdom into real learning. The persistent myth of modern digital native students connotes for many that millennial students have a natural fluency with digital tools that previous generations did […]

Black Menu for Chrome

Black Menu for Chrome: All Your Google Tools At Your Fingertips

This week I discovered Black Menu for Chrome, an extension that lets you access any of your Google tools from a dropdown in the browser. You can invoke it with a keystroke and quickly navigate to the tool you need. I’m finding this is a huge improvement over my regular habit of having several Google […]


Don’t Hate the LMS, It Can Help Keep Our Focus on Learning

I’ve been noticing an interesting thread in online conversations recently, with people I respect either bashing or defending the LMS. Audrey Watters’ Beyond the LMS seems to suggest they’re a sinister tool of imperial control, Jim Groom and Brian Lamb offer five arguments against the LMS, and Jeremy B Williams’ post implies that LMSes are somehow keeping […]


Open Source Video Subtitles for Accessibility with Amara.org

    Amara, formerly Universal Subtitles (which I thought was a better name) is an open source tool to let your audience contribute subtitles to your videos, wiki-style. You post your video to a service like YouTube or Vimeo, give Amara the URL, and it gives you a “wrapper” to put around the video that […]

Mozilla Popcorn Maker editing window

Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker for Enhanced Video eLearning in HTML5

Mozilla Popcorn Maker is a free tool for triggering rich web content to pop up as a web video plays. You can import a YouTube video, then add your own annotations, links, quizzes, maps, questions, and further reading, triggered to appear at key points in the video timeline. These enhanced video presentations can be embedded […]

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