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Clipping Part II: Clip-to-Blog

Clipping Part II: Clip-to-Blog

If you like the idea of clipping but your blog is where you want all your students to visit, you can use Clipmarks’ Clip-to-Blog feature, where you can quickly and easily show them the relevant information and comment on it!

This is so meta…

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I don’t know about you, but I do a lot of web research before presenting students with an idea or subject matter. I have discovered that by using a web clipping tool like Clipmarks or Google Notebook I can save sites for students to browse with just a click of the mouse.

See my Google Notebook here.

GNotebook puts all my clips together in a blog format that I can organize by topic. I can just direct students to go there to read the reading of the day or research my preselected list of sites so they don’t waste time searching aimlessly.

GNotebook and Clipmarks have different strengths that are well discussed here. I think it’s an extremely handy tool for busy teachers who want to easily maintain a dynamic website and bring kids along on our web travels.

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