Get Gmail quality email & collab tools while keeping your school’s domain name

This year, I talked our charter organization’s IT master into switching all our (5) schools and the main office to Google Apps for your Domain. This means that our schools don’t have to maintain their own email servers anymore…. all of the backend is provided by Google, although we still keep the our own domains (like Now our email is as powerful as Gmail and we’re all automatically linked in Google Calendars, Docs, Talk, Pages, and so on. It has enabled the organization to standardize how we communicate, and it’s an easy sell because it’s FREE to do, it improves email reliability, and it frees your IT people to work on other problems.

Since it’s free, we even rolled out email addresses for all students at our domains which has helped facilitate EVERYONE being connected to shared GDocs, Gmail, and GTalk. Here is their sales blurb


Google innovation. Powerful solutions. Zero investment.

how valuable it would be if your entire campus community — students,
faculty, and staff — could share information and ideas more easily.
With Google Apps Education Edition’s free communication, collaboration
and publishing tools, including email accounts on your school’s domain
(like, you can start bringing that vision to
life. Learn more

can select any combination of our available tools and services and
customize them with your school’s logo, color scheme and content.
Manage your users through a web-based control panel, or use the APIs to
integrate Google Apps into your existing systems.

of all, it’s all hosted by Google, so there’s no hardware or software
to download, install or maintain. You can get up and running quickly
with minimal support from your IT staff. Learn how

Communicate and connect

Collaborate and publish

Manage your services

Gmail Gmail
Email with 6.699276 GB of storage per custom email account, mail search tools and integrated chat.
Start Page Start Page
Access your inbox, calendar, docs and campus info, plus search the web from one place.
Control Panel Control Panel
Manage your domain and user accounts online.
Google Talk Google Talk
Free text and voice calling around the world.
Google Docs Google Docs
Create, share and collaborate on documents in real-time.
Google Code Extensibility APIs
Integrate with your existing IT systems or 3rd party solutions.
Google Calendar Google Calendar
Coordinate meetings and school events with sharable calendars.
Google Sites Google Sites
One-stop sharing for team information.
Help Help and support
Online troubleshooting and extended hours phone support for critical issues.

Learn more about the applications available through Google Apps.

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Ted Curran is a Learning Experience Designer/Developer for Autodesk. He is committed to empowering educators and learners to create transformational change through effective pedagogy and technology integration. You can follow Ted on Mastodon, LinkedIn or learn more at my 'About" page. These thoughts are my own.

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