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Guilt-Free Sick Days: Post your slideshow on your web page!

Guilt-Free Sick Days: Post your slideshow on your web page!

We’ve all been there: you wake up in the morning and realize “there’s no WAY I can go in to school today!” So you call the substitute and hope that your students don’t have a totally unproductive day without you.

If you do most of your lesson planning on PowerPoint (or my darling, Apple Keynote), you can export your slides as picture files (like JPEGs) and post them into a website! Then your lesson can be there, even when you can’t.

Teachers at my school mostly use iWeb to maintain their class websites, and iWeb has a snazzy Photo Album page
that turns pictures into a slideshow-like experience over the web.

Just export the slides from your presentation software as JPEG pictures….

Then put the pictures into a web site! iWeb makes your simple slides into a pretty presentation!

Now you can snuggle back into bed with a box of kleenex and an Alfred Hitchcock film and not worry that the kids aren’t having a productive day….

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