Using Mozilla Thunderbird Email to Get Things Done

My big mission this summer is to learn how to adopt David Allen‘s Getting Things Done method into my way of handling email. Thunderbird (with the Lightning plugin) has all the tools you need to GTD quickly and easily.

Getting Things Done with Thunderbird

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Updated: Please see the bottom of the article

Well, I have been at my new job for 3 weeks now and my GTD implementation seems to be holding up quite well – at least in terms of my email anyway!

As I have mentioned before the company I work for uses Thunderbird
as its main email system (although Outlook Express and Entourage are
available for those that prefer them). To begin with it was a bit odd
having to tell half the office how to spell my surname – a
centrally stored address book is certainly a big advantage that
Microsoft Outlook has over other systems. However I’m finding the
functionality of Thunderbird brilliant in my GTD habits.

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