Want to use web services incognito? Get a “throwaway” email address!

It seems like every cool web tool makes you register with your email address and you never know which ones will spam you. Even sites you want to belong to like Facebook will FILL your inbox with announcements.

Many students don’t like to register for sites because of this fact. You can always keep a dummy email for sites that you know will spam you, (like mine scroowy@goowy.com).

If you really don’t care about getting mail from a website, you might like a throwaway email like dodgit.com. It allows you to make a temporary email just long enough to log in to your new web services. Dodgit even allows you to monitor the email address via RSS feed in case there actually is something interesting in there.

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Ted Curran is a Learning Experience Designer/Developer for Autodesk. He is committed to empowering educators and learners to create transformational change through effective pedagogy and technology integration. You can follow Ted on Mastodon, LinkedIn or learn more at my 'About" page. These thoughts are my own.

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