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Unemployment Line

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When you’re looking for work, keeping up with the online job listings is a job in itself. This tutorial will teach you how to automate your job search so you can quickly scan through lots of fresh, relevant job ads every day.

The Big Picture

We are going to put in a series of 5-10 different job search queries into our favorite job boards. The search results they return will have an RSS feed, enabling us to “subscribe” to the search results in a feed reader. After that, all we have to do is open the feed reader, and it will “re-search” all those sites and line up the freshest results in one list for us. From that point, you can just scan quickly down headlines, picking out your dream job. If this sounds too complicated, stay tuned– it’s easy.

You will need:
1) Your favorite RSS reader (I recommend Google Reader Feedly)
2) A few RSS-enabled job search websites (I used CraigsList and

Step 1: Creating Good Search Queries

Jobs & Careers - Simply Hired
Let’s go to and type in a search for the perfect job we’re looking for.

Job Search Made Simple | Simply Hired
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SimplyHired will return a list of search results fitting our query. This list is “RSS-enabled”, meaning you can subscribe to it in any feed reader (like Feedly). Just right click ( or Ctrl+click for Mac) on “View RSS Feed” and select “Copy Link Location”.

rss in job ads


Then you can paste that RSS feed URL into Feedly’s “Add Subscription” button, and it will “subscribe” you to those search results.

Google Reader (1000+)
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This means that you will have a long list of headlines for all the relevant job ads.

Google Reader (1000 )
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Step 2: REPEAT with different search results!

If I go back and repeat the process, typing similar search queries, such as “Computer Educator” or “Multimedia Teacher”, I can get several different feeds of good job results all aggregated in a list in my Feedly. You can even filter for different pay ranges, distances from home, or other variables that might reveal your dream job.

Screen shot 2009-11-19 at 11.55.51 AM
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Screen shot 2009-11-19 at 11.55.34 AM
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Screen shot 2009-11-19 at 11.55.19 AM
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Step 3: Easily Scan through as Many Job Listings as You Can  Handle– Even on your smartphone!

Now, I have a folder of job searches I’ve subscribed to, so all I have to do is open the “Job Search” folder and I can scan through an aggregated, multi-threaded list of fresh job search results on my smartphonewhile I’m walking my dog in the morning.

Google Reader (1000 )
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My method for keeping on top of them is to “Star” the ones that look promising while I’m scanning through, then follow up on the “Starred” ones later. That list of starred entries becomes my “application to-do” list.

Do you have a better way of scanning job ads? Discuss it in the comments!


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