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Did you know? Your Smartphone is a Powerful Medical Reference Tool!

Did you know? Your Smartphone is a Powerful Medical Reference Tool!

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The adoption of Android and iOS smartphones “skyrocketed” in 2010, which means ever more health sciences students, faculty, and staff have access to powerful mini-computers in their pockets. With this rise came a new crop of excellent free medical apps that practitioners, faculty, and students can access wherever they go. According to the recent SMU Student Tech Survey, 70% of our students currently have smartphones, and 82% are interested in using health-related apps for smartphones.

Health and Medical apps for iOS and Android are growing more sophisticated as phones & tablets get more powerful. Now you can carry a guide to drug interactions, medical reference books & journals, and news about ongoing medical research in your pocket. Apps can help you study anatomy, diagnose conditions, or even provide care in a foreign language. If you have one of these information powerhouses already, it might be time to start exploring the many excellent tools available to help you and your students empower your practice. We look forward to supporting and expanding SMU’s use of mobile technology for education, and these free apps are a great way for you to explore your options.

Interesting Apps

Please  post to the comments with any apps you find particularly useful, and we will add them to a central list where students and faculty can see & download them.

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