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Secure Your Social Identity Across All Sites with

Secure Your Social Identity Across All Sites with

If you are trying to create a branded online identity, it helps to have a consistent username across all of the major sites. With, you can search once and see if your favorite username is available on 159 different social media sites.

Just enter the username you want in the search bar and it will give you a graphic visualization to let you know if that name is available on your favorite social networks. If you see your name is available, just go to that site and sign up!

This is also great if you’re picking baby names and want to make sure that your future offspring has reserved the very best usernames on all the hot services. For example, young Genghis Curran will not have to worry about adding a “1” to the end of his Twitter handle (though he may get picked on a lot!)

Thanks, NameChk!




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