HTML5 Presentations from Markdown to Reveal.js


This video shows you how you can quickly convert a Markdown formatted presentation outline into an HTML5 presentation using Reveal.js. I think this method is a great way to familiarize yourself with web technologies while producing attractive and powerful presentations that work great on desktop and mobile devices.

You can learn how to write Markdown in ten minutes at


Recommended Free (and Paid) Tools

My favorite Markdown editors (these days) are LightPaper for Mac, HarooPad for Mac and Windows, or Dillinger for the web.

You can learn more about Reveal.js at its GitHub home.

If you need a great free code editor, I recommend Adobe Brackets for Mac and Windows or Zed for Chrome. In this demo, I use Coda 2.5 for Mac, just because it has become so deeply ingrained in the way I approach code. It costs $99 but it’s the only paid tool I’ve ever needed for web development (excluding graphic design apps, I guess). Many people also rave about SublimeText for Mac and Windows, a paid app with a very generous free functional demo.

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