Testing the H5P.org Twitter Widget

I have long been a fan of the h5p.org project, a collection of open source learning objects written completely in HTML5 technologies to add interactive elements to online courses. These are the learning objects used in edX courses, but you can freely deploy them in your own courses. I’m going to be testing some of the tools, and I figured I’d post about them as I go.

The Twitter User Feed Widget is the least course-specific of their catalog of learning interactions, but I can see how it’d be easy to set up to create an attractive display of your tweets (or another notable tweeter).

You just fill out the simple setup form like so…

setting up the h5p twitter user feed widget

and this is what you get:

Practical Uses

This would be great if you make frequent use of Twitter in your course. I end up posting lots more in my Twitter feed than my students could ever keep up with — I view it as an optional enhancement channel that students can choose to tune into if they want. Of course, if you use your Twitter feed to post information that’s relevant to the everyday running of your class, this would be an attractive way to share those tweets inside your course.

A note on compatibility

All the official documentation for h5p says that it is designed to work only in WordPress, Moodle, and Drupal installs, but there is a way to use it inside of Canvas courses as well. I am going to be testing out this process this week, and I’ll share out what I find.

Check it out!

Of course this is just one of many great learning interactions h5p offers, and I’m going to be posting about more of them as the week goes on. Stay tuned, fiddle with them, and let me know what you think below!

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