Basic HTML for Complex People

Basic HTML for Complex People

Most of us don’t plan to become web developers, but we all have to write on the web sometimes, so we’re using HTML whether we understand it or not. Knowing basic HTML will save you from some common frustrations we experience on the web, and can help you become a stronger web user.

This guide will give you a simplified look at only the HTML tags, styles, and syntax that you can do in a visual text editor (or “what you see is what you get” editor) like the ones in webmail, blogs, and LMSes. It’s not intended to be a complete education in HTML, but rather a commonsense guide for everyday users who want to get more out of their online writing.

This course is for you if…

  • A lot of the writing you do ends up on websites, blogs, learning management systems, or other online spaces.
  • You’re pretty happy writing in web-based text editors but you’re curious about how HTML works.

Learning Outcomes

You will understand and be able to write