About Ted Curran

I am an experienced instructional designer, online educator, interpersonal communicator, and multimedia designer, with over 17 years experience in education. I combine these skills towards the ultimate goal of empowering students and teachers to improve instruction through technology.

I worked as the Senior Instructional Designer for Pearson Propero, a suite of self-paced, accredited, online courses. I iterated this curriculum to increase interactivity and critical thinking skills through project-based learning. I led the learning management system transition initiative, rapid-developed UX prototypes for clients’ custom requirements, presented on competency-based education at national education conferences, conducted user experience research, and developed assessment questions in multiple subject areas.

I won the University of California Learning Mode College Ready Hackathon in 2013 and co-led a team of 15 UC Berkeley students to produce a mobile app for college readiness. I won another hackathon in 2016, this time for the IDEO CoLab Fellowship in blockchain technology. I had to decline the fellowship because it conflicted with the birth of our son, but the honor and the experience were unforgettable.

I am known for creative problem solving, seeing solutions others don’t see, and clearly communicating information to help work teams overcome seemingly intractable challenges. This combined with an extremely broad repertoire of software skills and knowledge helps me adapt to any situation and help transform the culture towards innovation. I am highly skilled in all facets of communication, from interpersonal collaboration to multimedia production to social media networking, my ability to clearly communicate complex ideas is a hallmark of my work in education.



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