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All Together Now? Shared Tech Platforms Across a Diverse Team of Instructional Designers

When you’re working on a team, it’s usually assumed that you’ll all use the same software platforms so you can more easily share projects, files, and have a shared set of capabilities across the team. For example – it’s helpful if everybody uses the same app suite for designing eLearning …

Sponsored posts? No. 

http://pca.st/OYg6 Read more After listening to this episode of the stellar Daily Tech News Show a while back, there was a discussion about “sponsored content”. They raised questions like “where is the line between independent journalism and advertising?” “Is it different for different types of news outlets?” “Is it ok …

Instructional Designer Onboarding – a Multi-Modal Approach

In early 2020 I was tapped to design an onboarding program for three new Instructional Designers that would be added to our team in the coming months. I decided to take a multi-modal approach to designing the onboarding experience, balancing consistent, online, low-touch eLearning experiences with high-touch, rich, interactive, learner-centered …

Recording Screencasts and Lecture Videos via Zoom

The Coronavirus quarantine has given all kinds of non-technical computer users a crash course in Zoom online meetings. This creates an opportunity for those users to develop skills in recording their own high-quality explainer videos, screencasts, and lecture sessions. Zoom’s record meeting feature can produce a high-quality MP4 video file …

Backchannel? Slack Channel!

Harnessing Turned-On Brains A live learning conference or training event can be a busy, chaotic, and stimulating setting for learning new things. Not only are you following a packed schedule of interesting speakers exposing you to new ideas, but you’re also surrounded by other professionals like yourself, with interesting insights …

Choosing Images is an Art Form

Whether you’re designing a presentation, an online course, or just updating your blog, your choice of images can add meaning to your message, or completely distract from it. At worst, poorly-chosen images can diminish your credibility, distract your audience, and even get you into legal trouble (!!!), so it’s important to choose images with care.

UbD is the Ultimate Learning Technology

This is a pretty dense, fiber-full article about backward learning design by one of my instructional design heroes, Michael Feldstein. It introduces the concept of Backwards Design (part of Understanding by Design, which he also introduces). Most importantly, it makes the case that designing course strictly aligned with learning outcomes enables us to collect data programmatically, scalably, so we can make timely interventions that result in better student learning overall.