A Hack to Give Back: Hack Firefox to Donate to your Favorite Charity’s Amazon Store!

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Amazon.com‘s AStore Affiliate program pays charities if you search Amazon via a referrer link. In the spirit of giving, here’s how you can replace your Amazon Firefox Search Bar button with the AStore search link of your favorite cause. Amazon will donate to them every time you buy something!

What you’ll need:
1) Firefox
2) The Add to Search Bar extension
3) A favorite charity that has already set up an AStore. I wasn’t able to find many online, but my two favorites that I know of are Heifer.org (an organization that gives helps people in developing nations find sustainable food sources) or  DanCarlin.com (producer of the incredibly excellent podcast HardCore History).

1) Install the Add to Search Bar extension and restart Firefox.
This extension allows you to put your cursor in any search bar on your favorite web pages and add that search functionality to your Firefox search bar.
2) Go to your favorite charity’s AStore. Find their AStore search bar, right click in it, and select “Add to Search Bar”.

3) Use this search bar every time you search Amazon, and they will donate to your worthy cause each time you shop!

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2 Responses

  1. Shawn says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to just make a donation to your favorite charity?

    • Ted Curran says:

      Yes, if you remember to…. the benefit of this is that you are just shopping normally at Amazon and your favorite charity gets a little percentage of every purchase you make. That’s money that would have all gone to Amazon, but instead it’s doing a bit more good. I didn’t say it would make you Mother Theresa or anything….


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