By The Power of WordPress! Verified on Mastodon by my Blog

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Unlike in certain birdbrained areas of the web, Mastodon allows you to verify your account by associating it with your WordPress blog.

Following this excellent tutorial, I’m simply placing a rel=me link into this post which will serve as a connection between my blog and my Mastodon profile

This link shows that I’m the same person in control of the content at for an added verification that I am who I say I am.

Seems like a much better system than paying an arbitrary dollar amount to the world’s richest man to help him solve his latest debt problem, don’t you think?

By the Power of WordPress, VERIFY MY MASTODON!!!

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Ted Curran is a Learning Experience Designer/Developer for Autodesk. He is committed to empowering educators and learners to create transformational change through effective pedagogy and technology integration. You can follow Ted on Mastodon, LinkedIn or learn more at my 'About" page. These thoughts are my own.

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