Have You Hugged Your App Dev Today?

Foodies make an obsession out of “knowing your farmer” and “knowing where your food comes from”, but shouldn’t the same thing go for the people behind your most beloved apps? One weird habit I’ve gotten into is to actually emailing quick notes of encouragement and suggestions to the developers of my …

iOS vs. Android: Your Best Arguments

iOS vs. Android: Your Best Arguments.

A good summary of the good and not-so-good about both iOS and Android. I’d argue that some of the stated downsides of Android are really only a problem on non-Nexus phones from 3rd party manufacturers. My Nexus 4 and 10 came with no bloatware and are not laggy like my previous two HTC Evo phones.

A Teacher’s Guide to Equal Access in the Age of BYOD, Web 2.0, and Mobile Computing

Classroom Responses Systems (AKA “clickers”) offer teachers and students a way to make classroom lectures more interactive and engaging than lectures alone. Eric Mazur, Derek Bruff and others have pioneered ways to use classroom response clickers to promote Higher Order Thinking Skills and inquiry-based education within the standard lecture format. …