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EssayTyper: A Higher-Tech Plagiarism Tool Your Students Might Use

Teachers — y’know that feeling you get when you’re reading a plagiarized paper? Just that sneaking suspicion that this student wouldn’t string these specific words together in this particular way? Somehow the tone of the writing just doesn’t match the assignment, and something just seems “off”. I recently received a student submission that gave me […]

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Java-based Edtech Tools Pose Security Risk

I was just discussing free screencasting tools with some fellow Instructional Designers, and realizing how many of the most commonly-used apps like Screencast-O-Matic are based on Java technology. Java’s recent plague of security breaches has earned it the title of  the biggest vulnerability for US computers, and yet, I haven’t heard much discussion in edtech […]


Some Love for the Mozilla Web Literacy Standards

I wanted to drop in a quick plug for familiarizing ourselves with the Mozilla Web Literacy Standards and 21st Century Skills. Though edtechies have lots of great tools that are focused on education, it’s also good to have a more fundamental understanding of basic web skills. These are skills and abilities that all web citizens — students and […]

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Rapid Prototyping Magic with Alfred Workflows

I attended my second hackathon this weekend, and my teammates were noticing all my keystroke magic tricks that help me quickly prototype professional-looking app mockups with remarkable speed. A teammate asked me what my secrets are, and so I decided to share it as a post. My keystroke magic is all built around AlfredApp, the […]

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